Pay Per Click Management

Pay per click

If your website is a brand new, and you are looking for immediate traffic to your website, then Pay per click management can give you a boost in getting targeted traffic to your website. This is a quick efficient method for you to get targeted customer , you only pay when visitors come to your website.

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Google Adwords is the most popular pay per Click platform and works on pay Per Click Model, where users can bid for Keywords or phrase for each click on the advertisement. Every time a search is typed on Google. It digs into the vast pool of bidding Adwords advertisers and chooses a list of Ads to display on their search results page. These list of Advertisement are chosen based on combination of factors , including the quality and relevance of the keywords and size of the keyword bids.

Quality traffic will bring higher percentage of desired result, in terms of seeing your visitors buy a product, or subscribe to the service that you provide. Conversion rate analysis will allow you to understand which traffic sources turn visitors into prospective leads and eventually making into sales. High quality of targeted traffic will deliver a higher conversion rate. Conversion rate analysis is another method of measuring return of investment (ROI) and customer acquisition cost.